About Baahir-e-Zaman

Baahir-e-Zaman, a name very lovingly given to my brother Amin ur Rahman, the meaning of which he has lived up to. The “Brightest Star”. Those who gave him this name must have possessed extraordinary intellect as I do not believe another name could have done justice. Between us brothers, there have been many a debates, arguments, agreements, disagreements about anything and everything. At the end of each one of them, there was improvement in the situation, or at least in the way we felt about the issue at hand.

A bit about myself, I am a banker by profession and a human by nature. Just like any other person, I have thoughts, wishes, dreams, aspirations, highs, lows…. I am a firm believer that all thoughts must be communicated in order to be able to consolidate and amalgamate into a more desirable situation. My strength is drawn from my brother, Amin ur Rahman (@anomaly_777 on twitter) who has been no less than life to me. I also wish to thank Mrs. Yasmeen Ali (@yasmeen_9) for never telling me what I wish to hear, but always telling me what she feels is right. Indeed one of the best qualities any one can possess. I seek blessing of these individuals and start this blog which will encompass anything and everything which may have an impact on even a single life.

Enjoy reading my views, contribute and comment freely. Idea is not to thrust my opinion upon you but to grow together towards a better place by thrashing out our own evils, together.

All views expressed herein are personal. Posts may be contributed by others but do not reflect on endorsements.
May you and all your loved ones always be blessed.

I can be contacted on ali.sher.rahman@gmail.com or you can follow me on twitter @Baahirezaman


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