Remembering Hussain (as), a regime par excellence…

23e88a19627e830dbb011c3ad5312a89--shi-a-holy-familyImam Hussain (as), epitome of valor, steadfast, resilient, devoted, sovereign, virtuous…perhaps no language has enough adjectives. A discourse embracing Hussain (as) may well be work of divinity for it is simply not human prowess.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad qualified Hussain’s martyrdom as the hereditary state of the brotherhood of all mankind, while Jawaharlal Nehru characterized it as the path of righteousness.  The victory of Hussain (as) despite his minority marveled Thomas Carlyle who learnt that when it comes to truth against falsehood, numerical superiority does not matter.

Since the greatest martyrdom in the history of mankind, Hussain (as) has inspired many across the globe and his illumination has certainly not restricted itself to any specific group of individuals, followers of a particular religion, a specific race or any faction.  Rather, it has been ubiquitous and unprejudiced.

If Nelson Mandela had not thought of Hussain (as) in prison, he would have capitulated as he accredited Hussain (as) for his strength to stand for the right of freedom and liberation.  Gandhi learned from Hussain (as) how to achieve victory while being oppressed.  Many politicians, judges, heads of states, philanthropists, activists, social workers around the world have attributed their occupational success to the great Hussain (as).


Many a hearts have been kindled by the brilliance of the phenomenon known as Hussain (as).  Though these hearts are scattered all over the globe, belonging to various sects, religions, assorted walks of life, it is incumbent upon those who follow the religion of Islam to let this light illuminate their lives.  Every breath should be knitted with utmost circumspection.  It was Islam that was born again after Karbala.  As Quaid-e-Azam said, “The world is unable to present an example finer and brighter than the personality of Imam Hussain (as).  He was the embodiment of love, valor and personification of sacrifice and devotion.  Every Muslim should seek guidance from him.”.

The question is, to what extent have we, the Muslims, allowed this light to enter our hearts.  Reference is not to Muharram, the commemoration, the mourning, the prayers and various ways of observing these days.  Rather, this inquiry is how Hussain (as) is commemorated in our lives in general.  It is certainly a far-fetched notion to prepare and be ready for another Karbala, for it may not happen.  However, the occurrence of Karbala is dependent on how the event of Karbala are perceived.

8e762cbab1265ca5ac1b73a4c6edf60e--muharram-quotes-shia-islamTo sum up Karbala, it is about taking a stand.  Looking the tyrant in the eye and saying or doing what is needed.  It is about unflinching resolve.  It is about love.  It is about having faith and holding ground for justice to prevail.  It is about putting others first.  It is about selflessness.

While many of us may not ever witness a battlefield of thousands of tyrants against a few faithful, is it not Karbala when one witnesses injustice at home?  Is it not Karbala when an individual is suffering at the hands of those who may be more powerful by virtue of their level, riches, age.  Is it not Karbala when a female’s honor is at stake?  Is it not Karbala when an individual is depriving others of their hard earned money by manipulation and playing with emotions?  Who is it that has not witnessed these events in their varying manifestations?


This is the Karbala we face almost each day of our lives.  Yet, the lessons of Karbala, are sadly put aside while mourning, praying, discussing Karbala enjoy a much higher priority.  Why not live Karbala?  It is sad that the relevance of Karbala is not felt and resonate in our daily lives.  When our immigration to another country, our job, our spouse, our relationships become more important than honor of a female, financial losses of others, lives full of misery, prevalent injustice, because of which we elect to stay quiet look the other way, think of Karbala, think about the lessons of the great Imam Hussain (as) and introspect.  How far have we strayed?  How we call Hussain (as) our own, yet let him down in most situations where it is required to take a stand, no matter how few in number we are or even if we are alone.  Each time we stay quiet because of perceived impact on our own lives, think about Hussain (as) and what could have happened if he thought the same.

If Hussain (as), Karbala and the lessons are not a part of routine lives, the mourning, the observance, the discussions, the commemorations, all is hypocrisy and nothing more.  Every day is Karbala.  Live it. Take a stand.  Make the greatest teacher of all times proud. Commemorate Hussain (as) each day in the most routine acts.

Many express the wish to die for Hussain (as).  Is it not better to live like Hussain (as)?

Labbaik Ya Hussain (as)