A young leader, Omar Bilal Ahmad…

12885874_10209266081753106_231989603653230480_oOmar Bilal Ahmad, a face all too familiar. A successful model having showcased renowned products and services from Pepsi, Cadbury, Djuice, Suzuki, Qmobile, Clear, Pizza Hut, Jang Classified, Hashmi Ispaghol, UBL, and the list is unending, proves that age is just a bias when it comes to leadership.

Only three days of young Ahmad’s life of over two decades are the subject here.  It is a matter of pride to be writing on this great initiative recently undertaken for our beloved city, Karachi.  The superfluous garbage, the lack of attention from the government and the recent statement by Chief Minister Sindh, Qaim Ali Shah, has brought a new life to one of the most important issues this great city faces.  The towering pile of garbage at almost around every nook and corner of the city has unfortunately become its identity.

While tens of thousands took to social media criticizing the provincial government, Ahmad reminded us that there is a lot more that can be done.  Ahmad, a successful model, an entrepreneur, an entertainer, took to self along with his friends to lead the way under the banner of corporate social responsibility by SavYour which he owns, and turned a location around not only by cleaning but planting trees in places infested with garbage, smell and disease.

11053242_10207527684534262_7810515503631601497_nFrom the various pictures of Ahmad, the one with Sir Edhi is perhaps the truest reflection of young Ahmad and what he stands for.  Quoting Brigadier Rashid Ali Malik, President APSAA, from Yasmin Aftab Ali’s article, ‘On Edhi-ism’, “Edhi should be coined into a new word; into a concept of life. Of care. We should teach Edhi, about his life, his care and love for humanity…”, and here, we have Ahmad, practicing humanity, love, care in his own way.

This video details the initiative. Here is what Ahmad was up to along with his friends for three days:


Considering Ahmad’s age, profession, his passion as seen in the video calls for many more to follow.  As long as this nation is a mother to such youngsters, there is hope.

Ahmad’s passion to serve and bring happiness to others is reflected in his line of business as well.  Do visit SavYour website to learn more.

Thank you Omar Bilal Ahmad.  Salute.

Note: The garbage doesn’t just pile-up on its own.  While cleanliness is the responsibility of the government, we cannot be absolved of the same.  It is an attitude and has little to do with the level of education or wealth.  Windows of chauffeur-driven cars have often been rolled down to throw out wrappers of food, used tissue, fruit peels right in the middle of the roads without hesitation.  We need to stop being part of the problem in order for our voices to be heard when we raise them reminding others of their responsibility.