I am a Muslim. I won’t apologize!

Yes, I am a Muslim, and I am tired. I am exhausted.  For having to prove myself and justify my existence every time some hell breaks loose in any part of the world and the Muslims are quick to be blamed as a community.

noapology-300x300I will not apologize for anything I do not do, any harm I do not cause.  I will not get into what my religion teaches me
or how I interpret it.  The question I put up is simple.  Why am I made to think I need to justify my existence? Why I am made to beg for mercy? Why am I made to live in fear? I have nothing to do with those who kill and terrorize in the name of Islam.

I also do not agree with the veil of perfection put on by many Muslims in response to the hate hurled in their faces.  Muslims, just like Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists or any other, are average humans.  Without getting into what they are supposed to do or how they are supposed to be, many, or at least more than just a few, sing, dance, pray, lie, steal, party, drink, feel sad, feel happy.  They too act stupid and crazy and responsible and religious.  Yes, just like any other human, many Muslims too, feel sad when they see people being killed and terrorized without thinking about their religion or sect or color of skin.  Likewise, they go all out to help each other in times of need.  Some make a living working hard, some cheat others, some are poor, some rich.  Isn’t that how people are around the world?

I am a muslim, PleaseBut no, that is not enough for an average Muslim in today’s world.  An average Muslim needs to go all out, be extra nice, put up a face of near perfection, almost that of an Angel, one who is trustworthy, most loving, merciful, who can’t even spell ‘sin’, in order to be able to create that little peaceful space on this Earth, the space a Muslim can call his/her own.

Today, a Muslim is made to feel this way, to be constantly proving, justifying, putting up a face…of perfection, more often than not, a false one.  Why? Because the slightest bit of negativity will toss a Muslim directly into the realm of terrorism and make him/her unfit for the world.  People around the world may lie, but when it is a Muslim, it becomes a conspiracy to take over the world and implement Shariah.  If you are a Muslim, a fun hunting trip can turn into a carnage.

While every single breath taken by any Muslim seems to be under a microscope, it seems as if ‘Muslims’ too like to invite trouble since we just can’t seem to leave our passports home.  Perhaps the passports and the loud “Allah o Akbar” is required since the promise is entry to heaven.  Now how would one embark on such a holy journey without taking God’s name and proper travel documents?

I will not apologize to anyone.  I will not beg.  I will not be on my knees to have people be nice to me.  I will just be.

A lot many owe me an apology for robbing my right to a normal life and punishing me for crimes I never committed.

May peace and sanity prevail!