The wall…

wall1One day, early morning, earth was collected and a little bit of water was added to erect a wall.  Slowly and gradually, many took part in the shaping of the wall, particle by particle, brick by brick, layer by layer, as it started to rise in front of the eyes of those who put in their time and effort.

Time passed, the Sun made it impossible for them to continue.  Many left.  The wall, it stayed, risen, bearing the heat, providing shade to those who gave up on it.  All throughout, nature showed its many faces, the Sun, the heat, the rain, the dryness, the snow, the very earth the wall stood on shook a few times, but the wall, it stayed.  Parts of it were washed away at times.  At times, it cracked and parts feel apart.  But those very faces of nature helped the wall in their own way.  The rain would make the mud moist and fill the cracks which resulted from the dryness and the Sun would then provide the heat to make it strong again.

Those who started to put it together used the wall often, for shade and shelter.  wall2Some fixed it at times when they saw it damaged.  Mostly for their own selves and for their own time.  But they all moved on.  The wall stayed.  Yes it did.  It stayed.  All through the weathers and the people, almost as if having the power of self-healing, it stayed, for it felt responsible to provide shade and shelter.  The wall knew how the heat of the Sun, the dryness of the Autumn winds, the cold of Winters, the chill of rains felt.  It knew well.  Very well.  How could then the wall give up, though given up on time and again?

wall3The wall stayed for many.  It saw many come and go.  It was used by many.  The day passed and night fell.  The wall, tired, dilapidated, exhausted, slowly crushed in the dark, turned into the very grains it was made from once.

The next morning, those who once sat under the wall’s shelter and shade, walked all over its remains, crushing each grain under their feet, not remembering those grains once provided for them.  They walked.  They all walked.  Some got together to gather some earth and start a wall.

Oh the wall… the soul…



About baahirezaman

A banker by profession and a human by nature. I have views, opinions, observations about anything and everything with the remotest and slightest effect on human life, even a single one.

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