Doosra for life

It was in late 90s that I watched in an Indian television channel – the legend Pakistan leg spinner Abdul Qadir, widely famed for his fast flippers and googlies, speaking for an emerging off spinner Saqlain Mushtaq whose team mates pet-named him ‘Saqi’. Saqi was a spinning sensation in his times. Qadir looked on cloud nine while illustrating how Saqi invented this new form of delivery, doosra, that is bowled by the same action but went on the other way as it pitches. After him, the craft spread like a wild fire and all finger spinners in world Cricket polished their skills to be apt in delivering this doosra.

Handful of bowlers did well with this technique but most of them were either picked by their ball-grips or lost the nip of their bowling in excessively trying to attempt the doosra. The word doosra was caught by a jovial Cricketer and commentator Mr. Tony Greig when during a match, Pakistan Wicket-Keeper Moin Khan grunted Saqlain near the wicket mic: “Saqi doosra nikal…” The Urdu word took no time to be interpreted of its real use in Cricket dictionary. Those who follow Cricket are fully clued-up that Saeed Ajmal, another Pakistani spinner has to be given the credit of having most lethal doosra in his bowling weapons. Saeed Ajmal is rarely picked with his pristine doosra with the action, unaltered. This particular delivery makes him quite a successful man of his trade.

Tonight, I think hard for why are we naming our Annual Youth Conference with this catch slogan.

When you can create, something exceptional from a simple life oozes out. In the quest of translating innovation in your life, you just need to attempt a new dimension. Now is that easy?

In Cricket, doosra is a marvel from a finger spinner. A ball bowled by usual action on a normal trajectory bewilders the batsmen more often than not. Doosra, to me, is an unconventional approach of life for bigger results. When it goes the other way, wonders start happening. All needed is making grip of your life knowing what exactly you want out of it.

We all live lives. At times happy or sad, we are found with most similar reactions: a person losing hope after crushing defeats – people expecting an outdone person to surrender to certain ‘realities’ on which a loser has to set his sights. Hardly any person living in subjugated condition is encouraged to watch big dreams in our material-assessed society. You are expected to run a family business once your fond dream is ripped apart for your profession and we feel relieved to seek acceptance from societies once being hit hard in life. After having lost with hopes of mastering in our talent, we find graves to bury them and mourn for life. As we become humiliation stock by close aides due to our born deformities, highly uncontrollable factor if you are born handicapped or physically challenged, we turn aback and live a life of frightful frustrations. When you are rejected by a set of society for your inability to achieve the results you claimed for or your qualities are not even being unearthed by yourself, you need to attempt doosra. That’s where doosra comes into play for those who know there are ways out after being demoralized or disgruntled by back to back set-backs.

What a spinner does is very relative to what could be done in such monotonous off the wall junctures of life – He grips the ball firm, the grip has a slight push in a manner that the ball gets the other than normal turn. A life gripped hard in such uncanny times, trying again with a plan that only you and your God knows and getting the pitch as people may expect you be doing in low times but achieving altogether different results startling everyone but you. Those who try that out of ordinary, would be the ones most curious for success and as a rule of life, success is lapped up by those who crave to acquire it by dint of their tireless struggle and sleepless plans. There is no way a doosra can’t save us in the moments of disarray. The keynote is how many of us have that knack of flying against the wind.

Doosra happens to those who believe in creating safe adventures, where it does go the other way.

”Don’t go with the flow, be the flow.” -Shams Tabraizdoosra