Chasing after a red light…

PakistanNot too long ago, the media was abuzz with the brutal killings in the northern areas of Pakistan. Total number of those killed was reported as 11 including 9 foreigners. Slightly before that, the budget took the hot seat. tax-burdenEach line of the budget speech and the bill was being scrutinized. And a little before that, karachi_violenceKarachi’s deteriorating law and order situation was under a microscope. Quetta_balochistan_bolan_medical_complexThe bomb blasts in Bolan Medical Complex – Quetta, the burning of Quaid’s residency in Ziarat, Quaid_e_Azam_Residency_ZiaratPakistanthe continuous carnage in Peshawar and the load shedding, especially in Punjab, were in the limelight. The police brutality witnessed in Faisalabad also remained in the media for a couple of days.

pervez-musharraf-ruled-out-of-general-electionsAmidst all the chaos, out came the Musharraf genie. On June 24, 2013, news and comments had started pouring in on social media regarding the government’s decision to pursue the case of declaration of Emergency on November 3, 2007 and try General Musharraf (R) under Article 6 of the Constitution of Pakistan. Till late evening, the news was spread like wildfire and the mainstream media took the bait. Almost all channels, all talk shows focused on this issue.

media-manipulationSomewhere in the midst of all this, I got lost. I am a Pakistani trying to make ends meet, battling continuously to go to work and come back home safe (thankful for actually being employed and able to earn a living while many suffer with unemployment) as I live in Karachi where once you leave home, one can only pray that you come back home alive. Somewhere, somehow, those killed in the northern areas, the absence of security, the destruction of already marginal image of Pakistan because of this incident and many others, the people of Punjab suffering with 12 to 18 hours of load shedding, the poor of Faisalabad whose homes were broken into, where females were physically abused by Police, the carnage and Quetta and Peshawar, the burning down of Quaid’s residency, and probably one of the major concerns of anyone alive…the budget, which is all set to have an impact on the lives of the masses which can be compared to that of a huge bomb blast, all of this vanished in thin air.

file_20066In an ideal situation, media plays or should play an important role in highlighting the problems of the masses. With a finger on the pulse of the nation, media should play a vital role in the overall development of a nation with continuous efforts to steer and streamline the priorities of the very individuals democratically elected to not only represent the people but also to ensure alleviation. dog-chasing-carThe situation is like a dog chasing after the red light of a running car. The dog, obviously being the masses, the red light being acts of the government such as trying Musharraf under Article 6, and the most unfortunate of all… guess who is at the driving seat of the car… The media.

I am sorry for not being bothered about Musharraf and the case, my priority is to be safe and secure, to have electricity, to have a police which protects me and my family and does not work for influential and politicians…too much to ask?