Sitmadeedgaan e Shab


Khuda Shahid, dil e maara, fughaan shahid ze nalaa raa
K astam man Musalmaa’n hum, che darum dard e insaa’n raa

Dosh benam ein kusht o khoo’n k az aizad che purseedum?
Che purseedun? Man che daanum? Che moolat khoon e arzaa’n raa?

Chu’n kardum man namaz e shab, qaraar e dil nami ayad
K giryaan e sitam deeda sar bar avard goshaa’n raa

Nafar kas bood, pas ao khuahad ze khoon e nahaq rangee’n kard
Shehr e pur ashoob e man chu’n gardad sael e khonaa’n raa

Nadarum deed e beena raa o ba gardu’n nigah kardum
Ze chashm e nam, hamee’n goyam tu daani kaar e zulmaa’n raa

Agar boodi khuda e man, na boodi tu khuda e ao
Mardum ha siyaah dil raa bejuz daarum ze kheshaa’n raa

Ba khasta dil sabar daarum dar daur e jabr o fitna raa
Na tursam man ze jehl e badd, maqaam e hashr agar daraa

Be my witness God, of my heart, of my cries of pain
That I too am a Muslim, but what do I have to do with human suffering!

Last night I saw such massacre that what should I ask from my Allah now?
What should I ask? What do I know? What is the price of cheap blood?

As I finished my night prayers, I felt no internal satisfaction
That the screams and cries of panic-ridden emerge to my ears

They were people who wanted to paint with wasted-blood
My frightful city, see how it flooded with blood!

I do not have the divine vision and thus I look at the sky
With tearful eyes I only say that God! You know the act of brutality

If you are my God, You are not the God of those barbarians
That from black-hearted people I clearly separate myself and my like-minded ones

With a worn out heart, I observe patience yet again I am not at all afraid
of the ignorance of ignorants if there is a day of Resurrection to follow…



About talhamasood1

I learned to explore life when I ended bearing it. It seems seriously funny how we experience life, considering our hereafter, at times we prioritize life. I have seen changing attitudes, I have witnessed how people get big enough to ridicule others. I have had friends turning to strangers but they all were my teachers: they taught me about the real world outside my reach of imagination. I am a mad person. I love to fail to understand the real success whenever it comes. People don't understand me that easily and when they would begin doing that, my frenzy would make them leave me. I am possessive to things I love.. If you ask me sincerity, I would kill myself for you.. Prone to get hurt but having very high hopes for my future. I am in love with my constraints because I know they will leave me as I get smooth combating them... My mother thinks that I am the coolest kid of the family, I don't want to hurt her that absorbing pains has become my hallmark now. I love to smile but when I really mean it.. I have some promises with my life, I know my weaknesses and my solutions as well... I hate artificial attitudes.. I am demanding to whom I demand for my life.. And lastly, I want to have that wide victorious smile when I leave this world.

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