Ishq e Nau…. New Love

Dishab k man muntazir e payaam e yaar bodam
Yaar e man khafta bood o man azaar bodam

Man bodam mard e kari o man dashtam zoor e jandari
Ba khanum chun nigah kardum, man bedum, bekaar bodum

Ba naam e tau ein barkat bud k zaari e man barkhud
Chu ayad ze kaar bodum, zood gaar bodum

Tu gufti man chira tu ra dar raah e zeest na bardaram?
Chun tu dani k man astam dar safaram khuaar bodam

Nigaah e surv, rukh e mahtaab k neest hosh ze dil baqi
Na darum inkas danai, pas man bimaar bodum

Man anam k man danum misl e asraar bodum
Na bodum hich majnun na bodum, faqat dildaar e yaar bodum


Last night I waited so badly to hear from my beloved
And the beloved slept only to put me in grief

I had manly dexterity and I possessed great strength
As the eye contact was made with ‘Khanum’ I turned strength-less, good for nothing

While taking your name, such purity rushed in me
That my agony which stroke me to harm me but vanished in a jiffy

You ask me that why I don’t take you along in my journey?
How would you understand that I am myself frustrated in my journey!

Such evergreen you appear, a moonlit face that I can’t keep help but being insane
I don’t possess such wisdom, so I am a sick man now

Whatever I am, I know it well, it is similar to secrets
No, I was never a ‘Majnun’ but the beloved of my beloved….


About talhamasood1

I learned to explore life when I ended bearing it. It seems seriously funny how we experience life, considering our hereafter, at times we prioritize life. I have seen changing attitudes, I have witnessed how people get big enough to ridicule others. I have had friends turning to strangers but they all were my teachers: they taught me about the real world outside my reach of imagination. I am a mad person. I love to fail to understand the real success whenever it comes. People don't understand me that easily and when they would begin doing that, my frenzy would make them leave me. I am possessive to things I love.. If you ask me sincerity, I would kill myself for you.. Prone to get hurt but having very high hopes for my future. I am in love with my constraints because I know they will leave me as I get smooth combating them... My mother thinks that I am the coolest kid of the family, I don't want to hurt her that absorbing pains has become my hallmark now. I love to smile but when I really mean it.. I have some promises with my life, I know my weaknesses and my solutions as well... I hate artificial attitudes.. I am demanding to whom I demand for my life.. And lastly, I want to have that wide victorious smile when I leave this world.

4 thoughts on “Ishq e Nau…. New Love

  1. baahirezaman says:

    Talha has been an inspiration for me. His love for the Persian language is something we both share. However, he fell in love while I failed somewhere along the way. I am a true believer that if one follows a dream passionately, it does become reality and any dream not becoming a reality is nothing but a failure on our part. Somewhere, somehow the passion had been just lacking while we find it convenient to blame fate!

    This poem “Ishq e Nau (New Love) is Talha’s first attempt and he humbly referred to it as a “beginner’s” attempt. I would not like to comment on his humility and leave it for the readers to decide if this is a “beginner’s attempt” or work of a Sufi who has sifted life through sands and has witnessed the drops turn into pearls.

    Talha has always been passionate about Persian. Just for the love of knowledge and following his passion, he attempted Persian Literature in CSS and scored highest on the first attempt.

    Talha, you never stop amazing me. I pray the readers feel every word and can reach into your beautiful soul and your heart which beats like none other than one of the best servants of humanity and one which cries for Pakistan.

  2. Talha Masud says:

    Sir, You embarrassed me here. I just love to live in my nothingness 🙂

    Thank you 🙂

  3. Yasmeen Ali says:

    Beautiful..Exotic.Loved it.Thank you for sharing.

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