My Salute to a Great Young Leader…

Today when we stopped at Global Center, I saw a boy with a piece of white cloth rushing towards the car and had obediently followed the instructions of my friend Muzammil to clean the car. My heart sunk as I saw the boy who would barely be twelve years old. Few days back, I inspected a government primary school to award financial aid by the Education Department for genius students. He was one of them and refused the nominal fund with honor. “Sir, I have a lot of money to bear my educational expenses”, he replied. I surprisingly recalled his name while I had the snacks but when I asked the nearby minor cleaners about him, as I fully recognized him, they said he ran away after seeing you.

FAROOQ, you are the greatest young leader I have ever seen in my life. You ashamed me of all my complaints that I asked Allah in my testing times. From now on, you are my bright motivation to clamber in life.

And this happened an hour earlier, the very next day I wrote the preceding paragraphs:

I was restless in my office to find out the guy with such self-prestige. An hour ago, I went to his primary school and called him from his class. I took him outside his school’s office and told him that I saw him yesterday. Before I could complete my sentence he said, “Yes, I saw you too at Global sir.”

“But why did you run after seeing me?”, I posed the question that was disturbing me from yesterday. His answer tied my tongue. “I do ‘Ghareebi’ (I am poor) sir and I ran because I was ‘sharminda’ (embarrassed).” I told him after a long pause that I was so glad to see him work to keep the both ends meet of his family and carry his studies at such young age after I came to know that he is the only helping hand of his father who is a cobbler.

I encouraged him to directly ask me whatever problem he faces regarding his studies in his native Balochi language but I was speaking in a startled state as I didn’t know whether I was motivating him or myself. I felt that numbness in me when I would get on the verge to sob.

In centrally Air-Conditioned glamorous atmospheres, we boast about being the potential leaders. At least now I am sure that leaders are those who are onto the thorny path of commitment and dedication right from the word go. I had no courage to offer any financial help from my pocket to this dignified champ. After all, he is the unsung hero and the real ‘Young Leader’.


About talhamasood1

I learned to explore life when I ended bearing it. It seems seriously funny how we experience life, considering our hereafter, at times we prioritize life. I have seen changing attitudes, I have witnessed how people get big enough to ridicule others. I have had friends turning to strangers but they all were my teachers: they taught me about the real world outside my reach of imagination. I am a mad person. I love to fail to understand the real success whenever it comes. People don't understand me that easily and when they would begin doing that, my frenzy would make them leave me. I am possessive to things I love.. If you ask me sincerity, I would kill myself for you.. Prone to get hurt but having very high hopes for my future. I am in love with my constraints because I know they will leave me as I get smooth combating them... My mother thinks that I am the coolest kid of the family, I don't want to hurt her that absorbing pains has become my hallmark now. I love to smile but when I really mean it.. I have some promises with my life, I know my weaknesses and my solutions as well... I hate artificial attitudes.. I am demanding to whom I demand for my life.. And lastly, I want to have that wide victorious smile when I leave this world.

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