Happy Mothers’ Day… A reminder of “Motherhood” to Mothers

“Mothers’ Day”, a day dedicated to one of the greatest beings ever. “A Mother”. From the very virtue of “motherhood”, indeed a one day celebration dedicated to this magnanimous institution cannot do justice to how it contributes to a child, a family, a neighborhood, a city, a country and the world at large.

Over time, somewhere, somehow, we have forgotten the essence of this day. Are we to celebrate “A Mother” or “Motherhood”? What defines a mother? For some reason, being a mother has become synonymous to giving birth to a child. Is that the only criteria? Is that the only reason why we should celebrate mothers? Quite often, all so familiar sermons by other family members, friends, elderly, clerics and other religious scholars (and anyone in the remotest of capacity of being able to tell a child how the mother should be treated), include placement of a mother at a certain level of reverence. Undoubtedly, that is where a mother belongs as her being tantamount to being the key to heaven.

What is it actually that has given a woman that status. Is it giving birth to a child? In my humble opinion, the answer is “NO”. Being a mother, to me, is a life-long process. A mother, indeed, plays a critical role in the making of a race. Why is it that we do not ever think about the reasons behind a “mother” being put on such a high pedestal? Just a few of these reasons include undying love, untiring sacrifice, untold influence and unfailing faith.

Hopefully the readers are able to differentiate between a mother who lays a foundation of a strong community with her love, affection, care, and a mother like Jezebel who creates hatred and uses the motherly influence to bring about the worst in children.

A small message to all the children who have a mother who is love and sacrifice personified: Even if you dedicate your entire life to your mother, you cannot possibly compensate one moment of a sleepless night. Hence, don’t try to repay, just be thankful and celebrate and let her see in front of her what fine children she has raised. Indeed there is no better satisfaction of hard labor than to witness the end-result. There may be someone who has not given birth to you, but has reflected upon “motherhood”. Extend your wishes and prayers to all those individuals too.

And a message to all those mothers who think giving birth to a child puts them on the same pedestal as a mother who is to be celebrated: There is a lot more to being a mother than just giving birth. It entails many a sacrifices, unconditional love, dispensing of knowledge and ensuring of raising fine children who would grow up to be tolerant, loving individuals, are just a few.

From what my vision and understanding allows me to believe, this day is not dedicated to “Mothers” but to “Motherhood”, to “Love”, to “Sacrifice”… indeed a few traits of which only a “Mother” can be a master, should one choose to be.

On a personal note, I would like all of you to please offer a prayer for “Arifa”, not a mother who gave birth to me, not someone I ever met, but someone who has defined my being, simply because of the way she raised her children and how she sacrificed, how she battled with cancer and ensured till her last breath that she does not become a liability. I am sure there are plenty of such beings who leave a mark and slowly carve life with utmost precision.  I am sure there are many such beautiful mothers out there. Offer a prayer for all motherly figures around the world and more important than that, pray for all children to have mothers with the characteristics of “motherhood” or have someone in their lives who is what a mother should be. Amen

At the end, please offer a prayer for my wife Sharmin who hasn’t slept one full night since January 20th 2003. That is when we had our first son and since then, she has to get up at least 3 times during the night just to see if all is well with the kids.

Happy “Motherhood” day to all. May all such individuals with the traits of “Motherhood” be blessed from the greatest of bounties and may all others realize what being a “Mother” means and that it is far beyond just giving birth.


About baahirezaman

A banker by profession and a human by nature. I have views, opinions, observations about anything and everything with the remotest and slightest effect on human life, even a single one.

11 thoughts on “Happy Mothers’ Day… A reminder of “Motherhood” to Mothers

  1. reemahasnain says:

    extremely thoughtful … sensitive … poignant! great read …

  2. baahirezaman says:

    Thank you very much for your kind words. Very encouraging.

  3. SJK says:

    You write beautifully as u speak. Very well written and so very true. May GOD bless u & family all always.

  4. SD says:

    motherhood defined very beutifully. I love the way you explained such sensitive feelings with great depth. It touches you somewhere deep, where it matters and the reader is so involved and can relate to it as if written for him or her, by him or her personally.

    May Allah bless u and your family. Please keep sharing your lovely thoughts. 🙂

  5. Amin says:

    a touching reflection on all the women of substance who have been or are in you life… Makes you stop and think. Bravo!

    • baahirezaman says:

      Thank you very much for your kind words and wishes. My reflections are driven from the best of people around me who inspire me with every breath they take. 🙂

  6. Rumma says:

    Amazing is a very small word for wat u have written abt Mothers simply loved it.It has made me realize tht i have not been a good daughter bt i guess its never too late il try being a good daughter to my parents who have scarifised alot for me n my brother n still r struggling for our better n secure future.

    • baahirezaman says:

      Thank you very much Rumma… Seems this has hit somewhere where it matters most. All I can say is, it’s never too late and you having such thoughts already makes you a good daughter. Bless you and my wishes and regards to your parents.

  7. Hira says:

    While reading the blog I kept thinking about my relationship with my mother, they were times when I thought she was quite unreasonable, conveniently blamed her for not being an understanding mother but over couple of years I saw my mother making an effort to be in my life, made me realize that whatever she did in past was for my own betterment. Today I feel my mother and I have a strong bond. We understand each other, love and respect each other. I feel know at the age of 28 I gained a friend in my mother and now I realize how much she has done for the entire family. I feel I can never live up to her expectations but I know my mother is extremely proud of me and the person that I’ve become today. Ali bhai your blog is a wake up for all those who take a mother’s love for granted. Thank you for writing such a great blog

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