An open letter to the authorities… Whose side are you on?

February 21, 2015

Dear PM, CMs, MNAs, MPAs, COAS, Commissioners

Anyone else who is supposed to be interested in the ‘affairs of the State’ and the (sad) ‘state of affairs

I won’t get into too much of historical aspect, which is all too clear, and shall assume complete ignorance on the gravity of the situation.  This is the only way to ensure that the writer of this letter and those addressed are at the same level of understanding with respect to the issue being discussed.

In the recent past, we have witnessed a group known as Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jamat (ASWJ) spewing venom against the Shia community.  Aurangzeb Farooqui has been seen vowing to ensure that survival for members of Shia community is made impossible in Pakistan.

Public gatherings are held where anti-Shia slogans are chanted, even in Islamabad, the federal capital of Pakistan.

A group of concerned citizens raise their voice against such atrocities followed by attack on an Imambargah in Shikarpur.  Sharmila Farooqui of Pakistan Peoples’ Party attends to the protesters outside the Chief Minister House ASWJ bannedand the visit is followed by agreements of cleaning of wall chalking in Karachi by banned outfits including ASWJ.  She also appears on television and confirms that ASWJ is a declared banned outfit in Pakistan.  On the following day, however, ASJW is found gathering in large numbers threatening the civil society and the state with great zeal and fervor, as if knowing no one can possible take any action.

Later that evening, the concerned citizens, raising their voice for peace and against terrorism and hatemonger are arrested as they continue to chant “Shia Sunni Bhai Bhai, Pakistan Zindabad” while those who threaten the civilians and the state are allowed to rally.  The lovers of peace continue to scream and shout from behind the bars and fight for their constitutional right.

open letterASWJ has now planned another rally in Islamabad, which has brought to the kind and unconcerned knowledge of the authorities by the concerned citizens, although it is really perturbing  to note that citizens are required to bring activities of banned outfit to the knowledge of the law enforcement agencies.

As a Pakistani, I demand answers to these questions:

  1. After looking at the videos in this piece, why are those asking for peace behind bars and those preaching hatred allowed to rally freely?
  2. Why are citizens required to bring anything to your attention? Is this a reflection of your incompetence?
  3. With such self-incriminating speeches, what else is required to take action?


  1. Whose side are you on?


media_47454_enIntrospection is the examination of one’s own conscious thoughts and feelings.  In psychology, the process of introspection relies exclusively on observation of one’s mental state, while in a spiritual context, it may refer to the examination of one’s soul.

Introspection, a faculty far too alien to most of us and much needed considering the overall fabric of our society.  The monumental challenges spread all over include but are not limited to overall values, health, education, religion, sectarianism, ethnicity, terrorism; the list is never ending and ever growing.  In this vociferous age with ‘agents of change’ growing in number, one may feel hopeful.  Pakistan is witnessing unprecedented number of protests, both in electronic form (on social media) and on the streets, quite often organized and mobilized on social media only. The number of petitions moved and participation in the same is rather impressive.  Protest calls by citizens for minorities (term used for reference although a more apt term would be ‘lesser Pakistanis’) and the subscription to the public display of rage and registration of concern is once again inspiring.

These petitions and protests have been perpetrated in response to societal issues with varying degree of impact.  Themask subjects have included but have not been limited to dilapidated state-run schools, failing public health system, promotion/protection of those employing children, inadequate water supply, apathy towards poor, culture of royal/VIP lifestyles at the cost of tax-payers, spreading of sectarian/religious hatred, etc.  And the number of voices, protests and intensity of the same is growing by the day.

With such developments, one would hope to witness some sort of abatement, arrest or some nuance of amelioration in any of the issues against which voices are raised.  As a citizen, the exact opposite is witnessed.  The incidents not only seem to be on the rise but the level of blatant shamelessness is of another level.  Ever wonder why?  The answer is fairly simple and much closer to home.

mask (1)While we are out fighting for justice, there is too much unjust at home which is conveniently overlooked.  How is it possible to be out there raising a voice against child labor and expect to make a difference while leaving own children with underage maids at home?  The food insecurity must be addressed.  Indeed a pressing issue which requires attention at all levels.  But let us not remind ourselves of the same while we spend thousands in restaurants.  Sectarianism and religious extremism are eating away the foundation of this country.  It is important to go out and raise our voices and register our protests.  But let us not spend time with our children and speak to them of peace and co-existence.  Prevalence of justice is considered the key to progression in any society.  By all means speak up on the streets and on social-media, take part92ee9a8126a15963006f42151f251898 in demonstrations, but when faced with an actual situation within the circle of family, friends, colleagues, stay away and make sure you don’t take a stand for what is right and just as it may get you in trouble and have an impact on your relationships, employment, livelihood, etc. We don’t bother to turn off the tap while shaving, but let’s take part in the demonstration for water conservation, shall we?  Simply put, we like to speak about the unlawful situation without missing a chance of running a red traffic light.

In so many ways, we all contribute to the issues and problems we raise our voice against, knowingly and unknowingly.  Who are we fooling? There are just too many of us on the “unjust” side.  There is no hope till this changes.

Time to introspect… We need to stop blaming others because they sin differently! Should we decide to take a stand for something, we need to own it and make sure we are not a party to it. That is the only way to ensure at least one less person contributing to the problem.


Tribute to a kind soul, Sarfaraz M. Khan…

1896897_10153798515335705_1115363481_n530340_3662334803858_1377275877_nIt was during March of 2012 I came across a post regarding the “One Rupee Project” on Dr. Awab Alvi’s Facebook profile.  Who would have thought that post will turn into a priceless relationship with a man who I came to know as only @smkhan on Twitter and later on as Sarfaraz Bhai.

Our very first interaction away from cyberspace, that very first handshake, the embrace, the warmth and the feeling of belonging was palpable.  What attracted me to this man? Perhaps it was my own life’s shortcoming, missing that firm, warm embrace, handshake, sense of belonging, as a child with my father? I can’t really explain.  And then started a journey, not one of many interactions, meetings, outings, but one of confidence, trust, ability to reach out and discuss the wildest notions.

From March 2012, t552893_10150650477412546_105300623_no January 2015, Sarfaraz Bhai impressed me more with almost every passing day.  I found him to be exactly how I pictured a perfect father to be and not only that but a man of substance.  He spoke fondly of his family.  I am no one to 945660_10151899129745884_455338288_ncomment on his personal relationships but from what I observed in public sphere, it was almost one of the most impeccable composition of respect, love and friendship.  I often wondered how one could find the perfect distance to place oneself to be far enough to give space to the children, yet close enough to be the best of friends.  A dilemma faced by many parents.

73386_10152429584160585_197436241_nAt his age, he put me to shame many times.  Sarfaraz Bhai almost never missed any event or a get-together.  Not only that, he was actually at the forefront and planning for such meet-ups quite often.  The beauty of his being was, old and young, not a single person found the self out of place in his company for he was just that sort of a man.

Very seldom did he miss a chance to give back to the society and serve humanity.  “God-fearing” is a term which may have become clichéd over time.  Sarfaraz Bhai, however, was a walking definition of the term itself.  Reading the Quran was probably his favorite activity and I felt him taking10474731_10154816747150437_7512103612839353545_n
the essence of it to his heart and trying to implement it with every breath he took.  I, being a rebel in my thoughts, had long discussions over anything and everything and he, almost always reasoned and discussed much with me endlessly.  There were many instances where he would quote something in a tweet which would send me into a rage.  I would take it up with him off-line and he would just smile and his comment would be, “I was waiting to hear from you on that…” and our discussion would start.

1920032_10151881944752186_1293668908_nSarfaraz M. Khan, I know it is a fact that I am not the only one who feels what I have written here.  There is an old saying, “blood is thicker than water” and you proved it wronged.

Assalamoalaikum Sarfaraz Bhai, there is too much you said you will get back to me on, specially our discussion on “mother” and “motherhood” in light of religion.  Perhaps I shall have to seek certain answers on my own.

(Readers are requested to please offer Fateha/prayers for the departed soul and family/near ones)

December 16, 2014… #PeshawarAttack #ArmyPublicSchool #teach500

Pakistan_peshawar__3140702kDecember 16, 2014, a date which shall be remembered for all times to come, a date which etched the souls of many across the globe.  Army Public School, Peshawar was attacked by Taliban and within a matter of hours, news and visuals of soul stirring carnage from the school started pouring in from all over.

Close to 200 lives have been lost; mostly students.  Reactions from all across the nation have been strong, ranging from sorrow, anger, rage, sympathy and these reactions have been witnessed across the globe.  Eyes across continents welled-up, each parent saw own children in Peshawar, vigils, messages of solidarity and prayers no matter which direction one looked.  Screams of demanding justice, hanging the terrorists, action plan, counter-terrorism strategy, all being placed top priority and must be so.

B5DXNduCMAAJdX9Amid all this, an important facet must not be ignored.  The victims of this barbaric attack were mostly students.  Perhaps the only future livelihood for their families.  Who is to know how they were to be an integral part of the society and contribute within their families, neighborhoods, communities, cities, provinces and Pakistan at large.  Perhaps some may have been doctors, some engineers, some teachers, some artists.  Who is to know? This is the future of Pakistan which has been attacked and undoubtedly, the vacuum which has been created is unfathomable. Who can say if we may have lost the future Sir Sattar Edhi of Pakistan?  Each life has the power to influence in its own peculiar way and each life gone takes away that power to change the world in that peculiar way.

While those who are gone can only be prayed for, let us derive the courage and do our best to fill the vacuum whichPakistan_Peshawar__3140840k has been created.  The future, as badly as it may have been affected, is in our hands.  Close to 200 youngsters were on their way to acquire education to become responsible citizens and contribute to their families and this nation in their own peculiar way.  They are no more. Can they be replaced? No. No one can be replaced for each one is special and unique.  However, considering the number of children out of schools in Pakistan, can those (close to) 200 martyrs who are no longer in schools be replaced by 500 living children who are not attending school? Yes. This is most certainly possible.

10676262_767886536625303_6232273999744427747_nTaimur Rehman a man whose heart beats for Pakistan, has taken an initiative in collaboration with Taba Foundation with the primary focus of putting out of school children on the path of receiving education.  The schools Taba works with are located in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.  The initiative is comprehensive starting from contacting the parents and counseling them to send their children to school to funding for text books, material, uniform, tuition, etc.  Overall cost for sending one child to school is Rs. 6,000/- per annum.

We, as a nation, should be proud of individuals like Taimur Rehman for being able to think in such directions and need to support such initiatives whole-heartedly.  Come help secure our future.

B5cbItRCUAEm_E1A small note before ending this: Salam Martyrs of Army Public School, Peshawar, you seem to have brought us together like many of us had only wished for. You have been able to bring about the interfaith harmony, the interracial harmony which much efforts put together could not bring about. I salute you my Martyrs. It is a responsibility of each and every one of us to do justice to every drop of blood shed to at least bring tolerance and promote peace and co-existence. Start from our families and friends and let this grow till the extremists find it difficult to breath and are suffocated to death or find co-existence and love the only way to survive.

Pakistan Zindabad!


For updates/information on the initiative, kindly contact Taimur Rehman and follow Teach500 on Twitter.

Of private schools in Panjgur…

It was rather a delayed call for me when I was admitted in a private school after having attained my basic education in nearby Government school. All I considered was the proximity that I could easily saunter through the warehouse of food department that passaged a half-wrecked wall which could easily be climbed without brushing any part of clothes. Taking bigger leaps, I would see the Panjgur rest house newly constructed on an elevated altitude. Turning right to the Bait-ul-Maal office, a four-wheeler jeep that was crashed long ago was stationed not to be removed for ages. A regular sight was non-school-going children laden on the abandoned vehicle mouthing engine and horns as they played. Passing Tehsil and by the Telephone Exchange, the new school was hardly few yards away from Shaheed Javed Chowk.10403438_10152573860580875_1095732604921558805_n

Earlier, it was a disappointing beginning in the sarkari school. The edifice of my ideal school was razed in my initial schooling days. Government schools are always about writing. Writing Takhti, the wooden slate; the lessons, arithmetic tables and what not. We had kind bunch of teachers. Most of them suffered in their subjects but good enough to pass on the burden to students. What I still miss about the place is the respect it inculcated for teachers, no matter how wrong they are: the elderly deserved a kiss on the hands on our way off school.

By early 90’s, Makran Division had no English medium schools. In Turbat, the biggest city of the division, English Schools were initially established only to last for a year or so. There was no fundamental planning on which private sector English medium schools may function in the region. It was to the credit of late Mr. Habibullah Bangalzai, Panjgur saw its very first English Medium School in 1993. I was its second batch. Initially, it was a modern version of already prevailing government schools in the locale but with time the standards were slightly raised and teachers from Punjab were assigned to teach subjects in English. With no time, local youth educated in Quetta and Karachi took the teaching assignments and our school showed good promise. Shifting buildings every two years, Pak Public Model School was first of comparable private schools that thronged in the next decade.

Evidently, private schools in Panjgur provided phenomenal match to the Urban schools in Quetta, the provincial capital, for quite a while. Unprecedentedly, co-ed was highly appreciated by most quarters of the society. The social instinct started to shift toward competition in educating trends. Even the religious notables sent their minors to private schools. Mr. Zahir Hussein, a US-return fostered his idea of setting up American English Language Centre which proved to be a success story. It not only gathered youth for healthy atmosphere in evenings but also shoved them toward another mode of competitive knack. Female students found the opportunity to polish their communication and comprehension of English without travelling to Quetta for similar purposes. Later, he launched his own English-to-English-and-Balochi medium school followed by another school after a brief period by one of our considerate principals Haji Lateef. Resultantly, few years down the line, the fruition of these efforts came to fore. Candidates from Panjgur were considered intellectually superior to the other districts in the division. They clinched the seats in provincial public service commission as walk in the park. While I travelled to Quetta, I found the elementary private education bar in Panjgur glaringly better than most of the noted schools in Quetta. A number of men contributed a great deal in the district what has been the transitional transformation in cultivating quality education in following years.

The recent attacks on educationists and closure of private schools in Balochistan are matter of grave stress. In Makran Division, all private schools face existential threats from right and left. Schools are torched and teachers are threatened to avoid attending classes with parents hesitant to send their children to schools. Even the much anticipated Dr. Malik regime is completely clueless to deal with the conundrum. Where the children in modern times are acquainted with specialized tools and pedagogical excellence, the schools in Makran Division lay deserted. No any clear policy line is yet designed other than allaying fears of parents by statements by incumbent administration and political wish-men. The war waged to dismantle uncompromising efforts of people who cemented the foundation of education in Makran is painfully to continue with its dreadful impacts in the future.

Having witnessed the pleasant lift in private elementary education being the earliest batches during the transition days, I fear the dilapidated jeep along the way to my school still remains a telltale monument of good old times.

HBL, The Grandeur…

imagesMore than 15 years and two Presidents ago, I set foot in a building I grew up watching from a distance.  A landmark which I had visited many times, especially on the 14th of August. This edifice had become national identity for me.  Habib Bank Plaza, now HBL Plaza and the organization as a whole, had been ingrained in the realm of my imagination as being one as Pakistan. Perhaps this was because of the very strong marketing advertisement back when I was growing up.  I believe it washbl2 early 1980s and whoever was growing up at that time would know what I am referring to when I mention “Mera Bhi To Hai…”. Perhaps it was one of the first few neon sign I recall in Nazimabad, Karachi, where a coin was shown being dropped in a piggy bank.  Perhaps it was my first ever savings account which I have opened as a child when I was in Habib Public School or it may be the fact that I often climbed the overhead water tank at the very same school to catch a glimpse of the great edifice, Habib Bank Plaza, and wonder if I am higher or not.

hbl1I had never thought that almost a decade and a half after the events narrated above, I would be a part of the same organization.  I remember recalling all of this as I entered the organization on February 22, 1999, my first day as an employee of Habib Bank Limited (now HBL). hbl3Almost 16 years have passed and my awe seems to reach new heights with every passing year.  The organization has progressed by leaps and bounds, starting from the deployment of systems to process re-engineering to introduction of innovative products and services, to higher level of efficiency.  At times, directly being a part of something, at times not being a part, but just enjoying the fact that I am a part of this organization.   All this, in the most challenging day and age where the customers are demanding, becoming more so with every passing moment, and an environment being more competitive than ever.  Perfection is not a worldly trait.  However, the desire and continuous efforts of improving service and introducing products to meet the needs of the nation defines the customer as the epicenter.

There are many who may be interested in an organizations balance sheet, profits and historical performance.  For such an analysis, plenty of records are available.  My purpose for writing this article, however, is not that.  I started writing this with sharing how I grew up thinking HBL and Pakistan being one.  This was when I was a child.  Now, I am 40 years old, 16 of which have been spent with HBL.  Through this article, I wish to share how my childhood imagination and belief turned into one of the most profound realities. HBL, by any corporate/legal definition, is an organization, a legal entity.  To me, HBL is a phenomenon.  During my orientation, Imam Sahib, then HR Head, stood in front of a group of about 250 management trainees briefing about the background.  None could have imagined some of the prodigious insertions in his short speech. Habib-Bank-Plaza-Karachi-old-picture79391513_2012124224611Persuaded by Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the Habib Family established Habib Bank in 1941 with its head office in Bombay (now Mumbai) with a capital of Rs.25,000/-.  In the initial phases the bank played pivotal role in channelizing of funds generated by All India Muslim League for establishment of Pakistan.  In 1947, the head office was shifted to Karachi and Habib Bank became Pakistan’s very first commercial bank.  As Pakistan came into being, like a new-born needing care and nurturing, HBL played the role and funded expenses like salaries of government servants and catered to other developmental needs.  Its role in establishment of State Bank of Pakistan is also noteworthy.  Late 1950’s witnessed international expansion and since then to date, after going through the phases of nationalization and privatization, HBL stands present in 25 countries, subsidiaries in Hong Kong and the UK, affiliates in Nepal, Kenya and Kyrgyzstan and rep offices in Iran and China.  Being the largest domestic multinational, HBL now has 1,600 branches across the nation serving approximately 6 million. hbl-services-bgHow is it then the nation is served by this magnanimous reality which has literally nurtured Pakistan in the nascent stages? The answer is simple.  By not letting go and continuing to serve and nurture, just like it was doing back in the late 1940s.  HBL’s vision is “Enabling people to advance with confidence and success”.  These are not just words.  Continuous efforts have resulted in impacting day-to-day lives of many across the nation.  Late 1950s witnessed introduction of travelers’ cheques.  ‘Drive-in Banking’ was offered in a few big cities where customer would not have to get out of their cars.  This was early 1960s. You read correctly…1960s!  Around the same time came ‘Mobile Banking’.  Not the way this term is known today but a development through which banking was taken to people of rural areas.  HBL was the first to introduce credit cards in the Pakistan market in 1966.  Many may find this unbelievable.  Obviously this card was not equipped with all the facilities as we have today but it indeed carried the basic utility of being acceptable at various businesses for payments.  1970s witnessed introduction of various products and services like courtesy cards which helped customer of one branch be introduced to another branch or when traveling abroad, infant banking, etc. First ever ATM in Pakistan was installed by HBL in the late 1980s.  Early 2000s brought on the menu various products under consumer financing, helping individuals fulfill their dreams and improve lifestyles.

1101052286-1The core banking products and services have continued to evolve and be introduced.  It can be assumed that the same will continue to happen.  The manifestation of HBL’s vision of ‘enabling people to advance with confidence and success’, however, is much beyond banking products and services.  2005, one of the years in the history of Pakistan, which no one can forget, as many lives perished, thousands were on the streets, grief stricken, disoriented, lost.  A 7.6 magnitude earthquake had left many under the open sky.  Those wanting to help and those neeHBL-Football-3ding help were equally suffering owing to a lack of infrastructure and inability of channelizing of funds.  HBL set-up a branch in a container in 24 hours for facilitation of the people.  Not only that, the staff contributing salary to such causes is a routine be it that earthquake or the floods which have become an annual affair.  I recall plans being made at various locations to assist HBL-3and help in camps for collection of food, funds and supplies while activities were being led by supervisors.  Some of these activities were not officially sponsored.  However, it is felt that the spirit may have been led by HBL’s vision and being a part of this organization.  Keeping with the spirit of enabling people, HBL has led the way images (1)and followed a policy of recruitment through the vast network and reach by initiatives like tying in donations with transactions or spending on cards.  Moving on from always being there in times of need, HBL has proven to turn its vision into reality.  Meeting a few top cricketers of the nation may reflect on this.  The young footballers of Lyari may also vouch for it.  HBL is indeed enabling people advance with confidence.  And it just may be these facts which make those associated with HBL much more passionate, resulting in a general desire of higher level of delivery in terms of overall services.

HBL is not only my employer.  It is my pride.  HBL has 1,600 branches.  These are the inanimate buildings I refer to.  Add thousands more live ones.  Each person working for HBL is a branch, representing HBL.  HBL does not have customers.  It has relationships.  And the number is not 6 million, it is closer to 182 million.  HBL & Pakistan go hand in hand. images (8) images (7) images (6) images (5) images (4) images (3) Note: This article by no means represents official position of HBL. The views expressed herein are my own and based on my observation and association in the capacity of a team member and a customer. Information, views, comments contained herein can not and may not be taken as representation of HBL or or in any form thereof. During my years of association, there have of course been ups and downs, just like any other. However, the pride has only grown stronger and the association itself is invaluable.

Personal expenses & widening gap…

PAK11_098The subject at hand can be as simple or as complicated as one wishes to make it. While the factors beyond our control are putting pressure on our personal expenses, there is still much under control which is mostly overlooked. What is it that is driving the ever expanding gap between the “have” and “have nots”? Personal interactions with individuals within the circle of family and friends, discussions, etc., reveal there is hardly any income group content with the correlation between income and expenses. Savings is a concept which has become as strange as aliens from Mars.

A simple search on Google can reveal various techniques that may help manage finances at the home front. Starting from planning, budgeting and documenting to savings, etc., all has been proposed. However, in order to propose a resolution, the problem itself must not only be understood but must also be owned.

The monumental upsurge in cost of living and the disproportional increase in incomes cannot possibly be denied. While we cannot downloadcontrol various externalities, there is much that can be done at the personal andaaz-lahore_543front which may not resolve financial issues completely but can most certainly provide us with an opportunity to stabilize and move forward as a responsible society. We, at large, have failed to distinguish between our “needs” and “wants”. The following few statements may reflect on what has just been said. Imagine the following true situations of individuals belonging to different groups:

  1. A person living in the posh DHA-Karachi complains about electricity bill which has increased from Rs.16,000/- per month to Rs. 27,000/-. This person makes at least 4 to 5 international trips a year because of weather, meeting friends and family or at times just for vacation to a new international destination.
  2. A family living in North Nazimabad-Karachi, comprising of 5 to 6 family members and a monthly income of less than Rs.25,000/- to Rs. 30,000/- is planning a wedding. The wedding MUST HAVE all at least 5 functions (Mehndi, Mayoun, Barat, Valima and Chauthi).
  3. A man working as a driver, making Rs. 12,000/- per month wishes to have a cell phone worth Rs. 35,000/-

Over time, we ourselves have become confused. While financial pressures build up around us, our inability to draw a line between our requirements and wishes push us further into a never ending downward spiral. As a result, we are not able to progress in personal capacity and on the whole, as a nation. We have all become a part of a rat race and “The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.” – Lily Tomlin.

There is no one on earth who can give a complete plan to manage personal finances and bring stability. However, checking own expenses, putting them down on a piece of paper and assessing which one of them is required and which isn’t may be a good start. Necessities will remain necessities and seldom have room for adjustment, while “unnecessary” wish lists can always be adjusted considering the current household income.

Society on the whole needs to pay extra attention towards this monster which is growing to monumental proportions. The feeling of deprivation among those who are less fortunate is driven by the treatment of ramadan_10those who have more 8_44083than them. Those who are lesser fortunate need not be looked down upon or made to feel out of place. It is a thought process, start of which may bring long-term benefits to the society as one unit and in turn, release a bit of financial pressure across all segments of the society. More importantly, re-routing of luxurious expenses incurred by the fortunate towards those deprived of food and clothing may assist in reducing the ever-widening gap between the two groups. A sense of community uplifting rests with those who can while those who can’t must also continuously put in their best to alleviate by contributing to the society as best as they can.

5While we need to adopt a certain bit of discipline and ensure that we are not forced or pressured into being what we are not, the relatively upper class also need to be responsible and ensure that INDOOR1those not as fortunate are not forced to adopt a lifestyle or reflect on one which is not sustainable.

I should not be forced to drive a bigger car just because my boss will not come with me to meetings. I need not sell my soul to get my daughter married in a grand way just because of the negative reaction by the society if I don’t. I need not be carrying an expensive phone while I have a difficult time paying my electricity bill.

We, as individuals, face many problems. Some beyond our reach to fix while most within. We fail to realize that we, ourselves, may be a source of many of them. Life is indeed complicated but it doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it.

It is all about graduating from a lifestyle of assuming nothing exists beyond our noses to a lifestyles which is socially responsible.